During a first customer visit, the client explains his/her ideas and wishes, determines the financial cost framework and examines the possibilities for a cooperation. In general, this first customer discussion leads to further design, planning and execution work. The first meeting is free of charge.

Idea & Mood Brainstorming & Inspiration

Based on the personal meeting, discussions and the corresponding object analysis, a first creative paper is created. This includes appearance qualities and gives the client a first overall impression. This first step serves the development, review and differentiation of possible concepts. The first phase gives both, the client and the interior designer the certainty of further project phases. The first project phase is chargeable and will be charged on a flat-rate basis according to project size.

Concept & Costs

In order to work efficiently and accurately, the most important parameters (specifications, costs, deadlines) are fixed for the project. This is followed by the precise elaboration of the concept. The concept presentation includes function, shape, color, material and light as well as a rough cost estimations. Moreover, open questions are clarified, possible additions are integrated, and the further procedure is discussed. - visualization - feasibility - materialization - sampling – implementation. This project phase is chargeable and will be charged according to effort and project size.

Implementation & realization

After the concept phase, the detailing phase takes place. Partnerships are made, offers are checked and implementation is determined.

Subsequently, a detailed cost overview is prepared and discussed with the client. Once the release has been granted, the craft- specific execution plans are created and a binding schedule is established.

Thereafter, the work begins on site, which are personally supervised and checked in detail by Nataliya Caretta. This project phase is chargeable and will be charged according to effort and project size.