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Nataliya Caretta

«As a designer, I enjoy the challenge of formulating and interpreting visions, ideas and concepts for a wide variety of clients.»

nc in nc Design Impuls steht für mich – Nataliya Caretta

Design – für den lang ersehnten Beruf und die Leidenschaft

Impuls – für mein Wesen und meinen Charakter, aus dem die Ideen sprudeln!

Nataliya Caretta lives and works as an independent interior designer in Richterswil. She loves to meet different people and to enter into an active design dialogue with them. She surprises with charming and unparalleled design suggestions and always with “cheaky" solutions.

Born in 1974, Nataliya Caretta graduated from primary and secondary schools in Kiev and initially decided to become a florist, after she studied at the Kiev School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Banking & Finance.

Function, color, form, material, light - these elements have always been of the utmost importance to her. Consequently, she studied successfully as a "furnishing designer" at the University of Applied Sciences in Zug.

As a training supplement and deepening in the subject "fabrics" and "light", she completed an internships at Marion Porro interior decorations and at Reflexion, a reputable company as lighting designer / lighting planner. In 2015, she decided to offer her creative ideas and design services under her own name to private clients and businesses.